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    1 Gift Ideas for the Holidays

    Our Natural Yew Essential Oil Candles make great home decoration, remove odors, accent your dining tables, moisturize skin, and make great holidays gift.

    0 A Day in the Nature

    Seeing the mountains, rivers, oceans, canyons, picnic with friends and family, and you will feel relaxation as well as appreciate the wonderful nature.  Live well and stay healthy.

    0 Everything for Your Home

    The Yew Essential Oil Candles and the NINSAR Essential Oil Soaps are great choices for your home kitchen, dining room, and bathroom.  Yew Candles are made from natural essential oil extract that help removal of odor, moisturing skin and decorate in your dining room. The NINSAR Essential Oils soap made from yew tree oil extract, and combined with olive and jojoba oils.  The soap provides natural ingredients to smooth, moisturize skin, and cleaning.  You will feel the difference than ordinary soaps on the market.

    0 Organize your Office Space

    Nobody wants to facing a boring white wall, white ceiing and souless lighting at office.  There are ways to improve and organize your surrounding.  A group exercise on yoga during break time provide health benefits and revive you on workday.  A snack drawer or snack cabinet would keep people really happy.  It create a conversation at the office, and people do not need to go out to look for snacks for a bite.  Playing games, boardgame, watching tv at lunch room during break also provide mind refreshing.  A good prank makes your coworker feel hilarious, your victim will know he or she is missed and appreciate the fun. An office is also really mean to be an office.  When you spend 8 hours and a significant amount time in one space, it is important to give some new look at the desk or on the wall.  You can place some pictures and painting on walls, vast and plants, your family pictures at the desk, few decorations or gadgets make your desk seems like home. 

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